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Gain clarity and confidence about making the right solar decision. In less than 30 minutes, our obligation free solar assessment with an experienced solar consultant includes….


Discovering your current energy usage and finding out more about your property to determine and help you understand if solar can work for you.


We will identify the maximum government solar rebates applicable to your unique situation and ensure your system is compliant with the latest Emergency Solar management policy.


We will show you exactly how many months it will take for your investment to pay itself off and start saving you loads!


We will suggest the perfect solar system and products to maximise your power bill savings once we understand your needs.


We will help you understand all the payment options you have for your solar system.


We show you how the installation process works, and where we install the inverter and panels to maximise your performance long term.


We will answer any questions in general you have about solar.


If you are interested in a quote – we will give you an accurate and transparent quote with no hidden fees!

Powering our future, one panel at a time.

For over 13 years, we’ve been helping the people of Perth with all their solar needs. From advice, guidance, sales and packages to installation, figuration, repairs and maintenance, we’ll help you power your future. We specialise in residential and commercial solar services and have worked with most products on the market. This unique experience and insight enables us to understand that different solar systems work for different customers, and no home or building is the same. Allow us to help you power your future, one panel at a time.


Our Solar Services

Reztech Solar are your one stop solution for all your solar needs whether it’s expert advice, customised packages, experienced installations, high quality configurations, repairs or long term maintenance.

Advice & Guidance

Using over a decade of experience in the Australian solar industry, we take the time to provide you with customised advice and guidance. We understand that each customer’s solar needs are different and will help you work through yours. Talk to us today.

Sales & Packages

Through many years in the solar industry, working with different companies and products, we’ve formed strong supplier relationships and sales knowledge, helping us guide you through the process. We only install high-end solar products with the highest warranties that we stand by and believe in. Reztech Solar work hard to help you reduce your energy costs. Explore our packages.

Installation & Configuration

Our professional Perth solar power services include installation and configuration of only the very best solar system for your home or workplace. We perform prompt, professional installations, and your solar panels are configured for maximum efficiency and savings. Find out more.

Repairs & Maintenance

At Reztech Solar, our services don’t end at installation. They extend throughout the life of your solar panels and include repairs and maintenance. Whether you need to upgrade or replace your old solar system, require regular maintenance, cleaning or repairs, we’re here to help you make the most out of your solar panels. Contact us today.

From Our Happy Customers

Find Out What You Need To Know About Getting Solar!

Book a free solar assessment with us today and gain the clarity and confidence about making the right decision in less than 30 minutes.

Why Reztech Solar

When you choose Reztech Solar, you’re choosing a Perth solar power company of qualified, experienced electricians and CEC installers. We don’t use sub-contractors, ensuring all CEC installers are trained by us and adhere to all Australian regulations. With customised packages and no hidden fees or charges in sight, you don’t need to worry about any scary surprises. Peace of mind is important to us, which is why we are fully approved, accredited, insured, and offer a 10-year warranty as standard on all our workmanship. We care about what we do, and our service is always personalised, prompt and professional, as it should be.

Qualified, experienced electricians and CEC installers.

No hidden fees or charges. All quotes are accurate and transparent.

Accurate advice and expertise from years of experience in the field.

5 star personalised service and care is our highest priority.

10 year warranty as a standard with all workmanship.

After sales support and care on all systems installed.

How Solar Works

1. The sunlight collected by the solar panels is turned into an electrical current, called direct current (DC).

2. The DC is then changed into an alternating current (AC) by a product called an inverter. AC is the type of electricity you use to power your house – to charge your phone or to turn the lights on and off.

3. The inverter is connected to your meter box so that it can send the electricity to your house or send the surplus power back to your local power grid.

4. If a solar system produces more power than the household consumes, the excess power is sent back into the main power grid. Electricity companies will actually pay you for this energy.

Examples of Our Residential Solar Packages.

Reztech Solar help you find the perfect solar panel solution for your residential, commercial or farm property! We can customise your solar panel package based on your budget and future plans with your property. Below are a few examples options for a solar panel package. Get in touch with us today for a free solar assessment and tailored solution.


The Solar Starter

  • 3kW Inverter
  • 8x 440W Solar panels
  • 5+5 year inverter warranty
  • 20 year solar panel warranty
  • 10 years workmanship warranty


Serious Solar Power

  • 5kW Inverter
  • 15x 440W Solar Panels
  • 5+5 year inverter warranty
  • 20 year solar panel warranty
  • 10 years workmanship warranty


The Solar Works

  • 8.25kW Inverter 3phase optimised
  • 24x 440W solar panels
  • 24x power optimisers
  • 1x Energy smart meter
  • 3x Current transformers
  • 12 years inverter warranty(extendable to 25)
  • 20 year solar panel warranty
  • 10 year workmanship warranty
  • Applies to 3 Phase properties only

Not sure what package suits your home?

Book a free solar assessment today & we will give you specialised advice on everything you need to know about getting solar!

Government Rebates & Incentives

Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS)

DEBS introduces time of export payments. These rates better reflect the cost of electricity at different times of day, with a higher price paid for electricity exported during the late afternoon and evening period when electricity demand and the wholesale cost of electricity are higher.

For a renewable energy system to be eligible for DEBS, it must have a generating capacity of between 500W and 5kW. A 6.6kW solar PV system with 5kVa inverter is accepted as having a generating capacity of 5kW.

There is no eligibility limit on home battery or electric vehicle battery size, but retailers are only obligated to offer buyback payment for 50 units (kWh) per day per premises (which is more than a 5kW solar PV system would be expected to generate on any given day).

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme

Under the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme, eligible small-scale renewable energy systems are entitled to a number of small-scale technology certificates. The number of certificates that can be created per system is based on its geographical location, installation date, and the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) that is: generated by the small-scale solar panel, wind or hydro system over one or five years, or a single maximum deeming period, or displaced by the solar water heater or heat pump over the course of its lifetime of up to 10 years.

Once created and validated, these certificates act as a form of currency and can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing the system, or transferred to other individuals and businesses at a negotiated price.


Important New Information For Solar Customers in 2022.

To maintain the stability of the electricity system and support the continued installation of rooftop solar, the WA State Government is introducing Emergency Solar management – the capability to remotely turn off new and upgraded residential rooftop solar systems.

From 14 February 2022, all new and upgraded residential rooftop solar systems with an inverter capacity of 5kVA or less must have the capability to be remotely turned off in an emergency solar event according to the Emergency Solar management requirement from WA State Government.

All the systems being installed from 14th March 2021 must be online and connected to API cloud solution through synergy platform where each solar system at the property will be remotely controlled. It is mandatory that all the system must be online form the day of installation, if there are any issues connecting the inverter to WIFI, the installers should contact the manufactures from the site and setup the online monitoring and connect the inverter to SYNERGY PLATFORM using API.

An installation will be considered to completed only if this final step of connecting the system online is done.

For further information on this, please speak to the team at Reztech Solar to ensure your new installation remains fully compliant.

About Reztech Solar

Using over a decade of experience we help the people of Perth power their future with solar services that reduce energy costs, invest in our future and protect our environment. Our solar services include advice, guidance, sales, packages, installation, figuration, repairs and maintenance for whatever your needs. Reztech Solar’s strong growing team of solar panel CEC installers are all trained by us, ensuring they are highly qualified to adhere to all Australian regulations and deliver quality and exceptional solar installations. Whether your solar needs are small, large, for a residential home or commercial building, in the Perth metro area, or within regional areas and surrounds, we’re the team to help you with yours. 


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